Access to Care

Hear how a healthcare team came together to help a member not receive care at home but also save money. Read more >

Did you know?

Transportation barriers result in missed or delayed medical appointments for an estimated 3.6 million Americans.

Article November 5, 2019

Raising the standards for LGBTQ healthcare

LGBTQ patients may avoid going to the doctor because they don’t feel welcome. But Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is training doctors to transform their clinics into “safe zones.”
Article May 7, 2019

How a small community hospital can keep a whole community healthy

Large hospital systems often have more resources to provide an extra level of care for patients but small community hospitals may sometimes have to do more with less. BCBS Massachusetts is working with South Shore Hospital to help the hospital provide quality, affordable care for the entire community.
Article March 8, 2019

A nurse uses her experience to guide members through their own journeys

Intensive care unit nurse Mercedes Munoz endured three years of breast cancer treatment. After, she decided to leave a stressful work environment in the hospital to join a special concierge team for members with serious illness. Now, her experience helps her advocate for and empathize with cancer patients in a way few others can.
Article February 27, 2019

Helping a member navigate an overseas emergency

While traveling in Brazil, a car accident shattered her pelvis, broke her femur and left her near death. Local hospitals provided great care, but this Blue Shield of California member needed to get home. A health plan team didn’t rest until her flight landed.
Article February 13, 2019

Providing support for federal workers across the country

Despite the promise of compromise following 35 days of the longest shutdown in government history, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies continue to provide financial aid to federal employees and their families who were hardest hit by the government shutdown.
Article February 7, 2019

Navigating your health

Many people new to our country are in need of becoming better health advocates for themselves and their families. Find out how Florida Blue is taking a grassroots approach toward enhancing health literacy.
Article December 6, 2018

Preventing blindness in diabetes patients

More than 100 million U.S. adults currently live with diabetes or prediabetes and one of the most common complications of diabetes is blindness. Learn how BCBS companies are removing barriers ensuring diabetic patients receive necessary eye exams.